Our Employees

Our employees are what drives our business. From electricians to chemical laboratory technicians through to waste disposal specialists, we are all united by a shared energy:

Our passion for nuclear technology!

Each one of our eight locations is characterized by an extraordinary team of experts. Here decades-long experience blends with young talent. The success of our company is based on the commitment and the skills that each and every one of our employees brings to their work. Here we practice a company culture of trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, as well as pride in our own achievements. Together we stand behind what we do. We are driven by a motivation to continually improve, tackle new challenges and implement sustainable solutions. Together we shape the future of PreussenElektra.


We are PreussenElektra! 

A team of dedicated men and women.

We have operations in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Bavaria. We may be divided by dialect, but what keeps us together is a passion for nuclear technology and close ties to our region.

Each and every one of us works to ensure that our nuclear power plants are safe. Be it on shift, in radiation protection or in the planning office. Day and night. 365 days a year. The fact that we can be relied upon here has been proven over the last few decades. And it’s something we will pursue right through to the end.

After that we will dismantle our power plants. And that’s something else we know how to do, as we have already proven in Stade and Würgassen. We work with the utmost care and attention, because protection of people and the environment begins with us – the employees!

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