Our Company

We are PreussenElektra, a company steeped in tradition with almost a century of experience and a highly capable team of experts. We think of nuclear safety as our mission in life. Our expertise in building new nuclear power plants, our successful record of operating these plants and our experience in decommissioning them make us truly unique. That is why we are valued and sought after throughout the world.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of man and nature at all times. 

Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience so that nuclear energy can be used safely and generation capabilities be successfully expanded and used in a sustainable way. 

As a nuclear specialist we anticipate challenges, drive innovations and apply them consistently.

Power Operation

Our nuclear power plants are among the safest and most productive in the world, which has earned us an excellent international reputation. As a reliable partner and service provider, we are able to offer our in-house engineering and consulting services to the benefit of our clients. The solutions we provide help to make nuclear power utilization even safer, more reliable and more economical worldwide.

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Beschreibung des Bildes
Beschreibung des Bildes

Decommissioning & Dismantling

We can decommission nuclear power plants safely and with respect for the environment.

• Decommissioning has already been completed at Würgassen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and is well underway at Stade (Lowe Saxony).

• We use and build on this wealth of experience in our current and upcoming decommissioning projects.

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