Nuclear Services

We understand nuclear power as a generation-spanning life cycle. We are very familiar with the specific problems and challenges in each phase of nuclear energy utilization. Our track record in the development of new nuclear power plant projects and our proven excellence in operating and dismantling them make us unique. That is why we are valued and sought after throughout the world. As a reliable partner and service provider, we are able to offer our in-house engineering and consultancy services to the benefit of our clients. The solutions we provide help to make nuclear power utilization even safer, more reliable and more economical worldwide. 

We are a reliable partner

It takes know-how, experience and trust to tackle complex tasks and develop innovative solutions. We have pooled our know-how in our Nuclear Services division to be able to offer our customers an integrated portfolio of services.

It's the combination that does it: we combine our expertise in managing asset projects as well as consultancy and engineering services to create added value. We deliver bespoke customer solutions for the entire nuclear lifecycle.

Our services at a glance:

• Nuclear consultancy and engineering services

• Plant operation services

• Decommissioning and dismantling of assets

• Documentation management in radiation protection, waste management and final storage

Our goals

We cooperate globally to

  • advance nuclear technology and improve its utilization
  • achieve high international standards in the use of nuclear technology

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