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Isar 1 & 2 NPP

Units 1 & 2 of Isar nuclear power plant are located in Lower Bavaria on the banks of the River Isar near the city of Landshut. Isar 1 was commissioned in 1979, Isar 2 was commissioned in 1988.

In March 2011, Isar 1 was disconnected from the grid along with seven other nuclear power plants as part of Germany’s plans to phase out nuclear energy. It has since been in post operation. The decommissioning and dismantling license for Isar 1 was granted in January 2017. Isar 2 will have its permit to generate power withdrawn at the end of 2022.

Did you know?

Until it was shut down, Isar 1 generated over 200 billion kW/h of electricity which would allow to supply the whole of Germany with electricity constantly for a period of about four months.

Every year Isar 2 generates roughly 11 billion kW/h of electricity which is about 12 % of all the electricity produced in Bavaria and enough to supply 3.5 million households for a year.

Climate protection: Every year the Isar 2 produces roughly 11 billion kW/h of low-carbon electricity, saving almost 10 million tons of CO2 and thus making a sustainable contribution to climate protection.


Operator: PreussenElektra GmbH

KKI 1 shareholder: PreussenElektra 100%

KKI 2 shareholders: PreussenElektra (75%), Stadtwerke München (25 %)

Employees: about 500 PreussenElektra staff as well as numerous contractor employees

Reactor type: Isar 1: Boiling water reactor - Isar 2: Pressurized water reactor

Net capacity: Isar 1: 878 MW - Isar 2: 1,410 MW