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Vater mit Tochter am Laptop

Reconciling family and working life

Changing social circumstances require people to commit their time to their jobs and careers and to family life and caring for children and maybe other dependants at the same time. For companies and society as a whole, the reconciliation of work and family life (work-life balance) is therefore an important issue for the future. At PreussenElektra it is also an integral part of our corporate philosophy.

With a large number of attractive career and working time models as well as special offers for employees with family responsibilities, we have created the prerequisites for achieving the right balance between work and family life.


Family or career? At PreussenElektra you don’t have to choose!

Reconciliation of work and family life requires more than family-friendly working time regulations. We have developed various tools that offer targeted support for our employees.

E.ON also helps to organise childcare services: we provide subsidised childcare places in cooperation with a day-care centre and cooperate with external service providers to arrange ad-hoc childcare.

Caring for relatives – We don't leave you to deal with it on your own

In Germany, around ten percent of employees between the age of 25 and 49 are carers. Here, too, we support our employees by arranging consultancy services as well as nursing support by external service providers.

For all of these programmes and schemes, we attach great importance to regularly exchanging thoughts and ideas with experts and benefiting from best practice across the Group. We want to continue on our successful path in the future. The aim is to strengthen self-organisation amongst our employees and to develop a work culture that focuses on results rather than working hours.

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